Department of Defense - Praxi Data

Readiness & Effectiveness

Meet the hero of the story: Colonel Jason Smith, a Medical Center Administrator at the Medical Treatment Facility!

Getting Key Performance Measures

There are many issues plaguing the key performance measures of the MTF and Col. Jason Smith is drained having to constantly think about it all.

Incomplete Data

The work done by his medical center data workers is slowed down because of the multiple systems that they have to use.

Slow to Update

The systems themselves are slow to update, whether it’s implementing, updating, or de-commissioning programs.

Incorrect Data

His airmen also frequently put inaccurate times such as Crazy Eights, due to a plethora of reasons.

The Power of Praxi Automation

Wanting to find a fix, Jason begins to look around for solutions. Through the US Airforce’s Phoenix Spark and SBIR, he soon discovers Praxi Data and the company’s capabilities.

Integrating Systems

Praxi Data will help enable Jason’s Data Workers to rapidly integrate all the systems using existing metadata where available and discover with common statistical facts.

Up to Date and Fresh Performance Dashboard

The results of this accelerated, integration are quickly operationalized by leveraging this blended global view. It's robust and agile because the machine learning matching engine is continually evaluating new recommendations.

Accurate Data by Taking Quick Action

Using Praxi Data technology, comparisons of current data to historical data can be made. This will flag out bad data values (max, min, average, frequency, etc) and completeness scores (nulls, blanks or miss rows, etc).

Optimize Performance & Effectiveness with Data Driven Action

Thanks to Praxi Data, Jason can now be more successful in his role since there is accurate and dynamic reporting across all systems.

Want to start making a difference with data-driven action like Jason?