Introduction |

Meet the hero of the story: Andrea, a Health Care Data Scientist at the Children’s Hospital!


Providers at the hospital are worried about the high rates of recidivism.

“Recidivism in healthcare has been defined as the tendency by ill patients to relapse or return to hospitals for treatment. Within the realm of COPD, recidivism remains particularly problematic, especially with regard to readmissions”

Ideas to help patients

Andrea tells the team that she can use ML to find the patterns and identify likely reasons why patients are getting sick and being readmitted.

A difficult process

Andrea wants to use AI but the data she has access to is coded with different standards. It is painful and time-consuming to manually map data points from various data sources.

Unlocking the Data

Andrea decides to ask some of her data scientist friends for ideas of what to do. Her friend Wes suggests using Praxi Data automation to understand all her data even though its coded with different standards.

How Praxi works

Andrea checks out Praxi Data and is excited to see all the pre-built discovery libraries that she can leverage to automate understanding right away! She will be able to search across all her data with any coding standard so she can run her ML algorithms with the best quality information.

The Power of Praxi

Andrea is pleased to see that she can export the exact data that she’s interested in. The product standardizes the datasets so she can view it through LOINC, which is what her hospital currently utilizes.

Precision Medicine

After getting the readmission model running successfully, Andrea shares her reports with the team. They are excited to start using the results to help them make data-driven diagnoses and provide optimized healthcare for their patients.

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