Andrew Ahn

“What you don’t know… can hurt you”

The founder of Praxi Data, Andrew Ahn, recently spoke to Eric Kavanagh on his DM Radio Show along with Dr Robin Bloor about dark data, where to find it, and why it’s crucial that businesses and organizations have a policy of dealing with it. 

As Alexander Pope said: “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” In the case of dark data, not having any kind of understanding about organising the information you have can turn out to be one of the most costliest decisions for companies. 

Costly because they can’t find the data they need to make those crucial strategic business decisions; costly in that analysts spend too much of their time searching through the data they have and costly because without the right data, organisations can’t gain the insights they need to innovate and scale.

What is dark data?

“Dark data could be data you know little about or maybe was organised or labelled a long time ago and may not be relevant anymore,” he told Eric. “That together represents a potential goldmine in opportunity or potential risks. And that’s really what we help to try to mitigate,” he adds.

Praxi Data understands that every organization’s dark data is unique, so it has built a flexible and adaptable solution for this. It has pre-trained libraries to provide accurate matching capabilities that can be easily tailored to specific industries and use cases. It can automatically discover and catalogue dark data, regardless of where it’s stored, whether that’s on-prem servers, cloud storage or SaaS applications. 

It then analyses the data to label and classify it, providing insights and recommendations on how to utilise this information. This means companies can discard the data they don’t need and use what they have with greater perspicacity and ROI.

Efficiency savings

Perhaps most importantly, Praxi Data is also a tool that will save you money and increase efficiencies in your organisation. Some companies already use tools to categorise data, but the training and lead times to deploy these are lengthy and involved,  and more often than not, they are not built to work with legacy systems. Praxi Data’s pretrained libraries are built to work and flex around most systems.

 “We have really great tools. Companies spend a lot of time ramping up and that’s just a lost opportunity. That’s time that you could be conducting campaigns or tying up very, very valuable resources to organise that data. You don’t want to make this tool so complicated that you have to change the way companies do things. If the context is that the data or systems an organisation already has is fundamentally different from this tool, then that dissonance will result in failure for a lot of deployments. It will either lengthen the time of deployments from months to years, in some cases, or it could basically make that project fail. So the key to using Praxi Data really, is to get it rolling and it will show its value exceptionally quickly.”

Watch the interview in full and discover how Praxi Data can unlock the potential of your organization’s data